Alien ZeD - Architechnology

Michael Schmid is Montreal producer Alien ZeD. Jester Records is proud to present his long awaited debut album, “Architechnology”. This talented psychedelic music lover also DJs under the name Psydraulix (a Jester Records label DJ). After strong encouragement from friends and family, Alien ZeD is taking a step forward with the official release of 9 brand new tracks. This multi-genre album redefines psychedelic trance by breaking out of the 145BPM mold. This innovative album includes a remix from Optix aka DJ Br34th3 from Montreal based Kode Six with a minimal version of the track “Lift”. This release is a sign of things to come out of Montreal’s blooming electronic scene and Jester Records is paving the way with powerful releases like this.

Listen to this remix of one of the released tracks titled 'Lift'!

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